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Fig. 3

From: Subcellular organization of UBE3A in human cerebral cortex

Fig. 3

UBE3A expression in temporal cortex from a human biopsy specimen. a Immunoperoxidase staining for UBE3A. As can be seen by comparison with adjacent Nissl-stained section (b), the large majority of neurons are immunopositive. c Enlargement of boxed area from a; UBE3A is expressed throughout all layers of temporal cortex. d, e Higher magnification micrographs show UBE3A concentrating in nuclei. Antigen is also visible in somata and neuropil, but at lower levels. f High magnification micrograph of a 250-nm plastic section shows discrete grains of immunoperoxidase reaction product scattered through most of the nucleus, but seemingly excluded from certain regions. Tissue from case no. Q1019. Scale bar = 1 mm in a and b, 250 μm in c, 50 μm in d, 25 μm in e, and 10 μm in f

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