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Table 1 Primary antibodies

From: Analysis of the expression pattern of the schizophrenia-risk and intellectual disability gene TCF4 in the developing and adult brain suggests a role in development and plasticity of cortical and hippocampal neurons

Antigen Species Company Dilution Catalog number
Calbindin D-28k Mouse Swant 1:300 300
Doublecortin Guinea pig Millipore 1:1000 ab2253
FLAG Mouse Sigma 1:1000 F1804
GFAP Mouse Sigma 1:500 G3893
GAPDH Mouse Santa Cruz Biotechnologies 1:1000 SC32233
Iba Goat Abcam 1:500 ab5076
NeuN Mouse 1:20
Nestin Mouse Millipore 1:500 MAB353
NeuroD1 Goat Santa Cruz Biotechnologies 1:500 sc-1084
Parvalbumin Mouse Swant 1:500 235
Sox2 Goat Santa Cruz Biotechnologies 1:500 sc17320
Sox10 Guinea pig 1:500
TCF4 Rabbit Abcam 1:500 ab130014