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Table 1 Main characteristics of the participants

From: Children with autism spectrum disorder produce more ambiguous and less socially meaningful facial expressions: an experimental study using random forest classifiers

 ASD (N = 36)TD (N = 157)
Chronological age, mean (±SD)8.8 (1.8)8.4 (1.4)
Male/female (% of males)27/9 (75%)82/75 (52%)
Nice/Paris (% from Nice)20/16 (55.6%)94/63 (60%)
WISC-4, mean (±SD)92.5 (17.5)Not performed
Developmental age (IQ × age/100)8.2 (2.1)NA
ADI-R scores, mean (±SD)
 Social impairment14.9 (5.1)NA
 Verbal communication11.9 (6)NA
 Restricted, repetitive behaviours4.7 (3)NA