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Fig. 2

From: Left hemispheric deficit in the sustained neuromagnetic response to periodic click trains in children with ASD

Fig. 2

source current at the SF group maxima. The shaded area marks the 95% confidence interval of the mean. Dots under the curves correspond to significant positive (red) and negative (green) deflections of the source current in the right hemisphere (p < 0.01, false discovery rate corrected). Note that direction of the SF source current is negative in both age groups despite marked differences in the preceding transient evoked components

Transient and sustained auditory responses to 40 Hz click trains in neurotypical adults and children: grand average plots. Here and hereafter, zero time corresponds to the click train onset. The auditory steady-state response (ASSR) is present in all plots as an oscillatory 40 Hz response, which overlaps with the transient components and the sustained field (SF). a ‘Butterfly’ plot of 204 gradiometers for the right- and left-ear stimulation conditions. Vertical gray lines mark onsets of each click in the train. b Auditory responses in the selected left (for the right ear stimulation) and right (for the left ear stimulation) gradiometers. The selected gradiometers represent the channels measuring maxima of the outgoing/‘positive’ and incoming/ ‘negative’ spatial derivatives of magnetic field. The signal deflections corresponding to the P50m and P100m (the latter is present only in children) are marked by arrows. c Averaged timecourses of the

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