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Table 2 Further diagnosis of ASD cases

From: Imbalance of laminar-specific excitatory and inhibitory circuits of the orbitofrontal cortex in autism

Subject ID Score on autism diagnostic interview-revised
Social cutoff: 10 Communication cutoff (V): 8 cutoff (NV): 7 Restrictive and repetitive cutoff: 3 Early abnormal development cutoff: 1
4541a 26 18 (V), 13 (NV) 6 5
5173b 22 12 (NV) 2a 5
6232 12 14 (V) 8 5
6677 26 22 (V) 12 5
  1. Other diagnosed disorders included, a: schizophrenia; b: seizures
  2. V verbal communication score, NV non-verbal communication score
  3. aScore was below cutoff threshold due to physical limitations and poor motor skills of donor. However, family members reported repetitive behaviors at a younger age. With this exception, which is not an unusual pattern in the behavioral domain, all donors had difficulties with communication, social behaviors, and atypical interests, consistent with a diagnosis of autism, and the ADI-R scores met and exceeded cutoffs for autism in each of these areas