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Table 6 Spearman correlation coefficients between Systemizing Quotient (SQ) scores and nodal structural network measures

From: Autistic traits and individual brain differences: functional network efficiency reflects attentional and social impairments, structural nodal efficiencies index systemising and theory-of-mind skills

Regions Strength vs SQ
ρ (p)
Regions Clustering coefficient vs SQ
ρ (p)
Regions Efficiency vs SQ
ρ (p)
L Parahippocampal 0.585 (0.0003) R Parahippocampal 0.556 (0.0007) L Parahippocampal 0.556 (0.001)
R Parahippocampal 0.592 (0.0004) R Middle temporal pole 0.517 (0.0013) R Parahippocampal 0.564 (0.0005)
R Olfactory 0.555 (0.0007)     
  1. All results are significant at 5% FDR level