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Table 2 Differentially methylated CpG sites with a nominal p value < 1 × 10−5

From: Advanced paternal age as a risk factor for neurodevelopmental disorders: a translational study

Probe IDlogFCp-ValueAdj. p valueNearby gene(s)Region
cg07350977− 1.603.04 × 10−70.07CDH9TSS200
cg12864235− 1.743.17 × 10−70.07CDH9TSS200
cg135930901.905.32 × 10−70.08ZNF266TSS1500
cg029180541.305.14 × 10−60.47SSTR15’UTR
cg12448161− 1.605.51 × 10−60.47COL7A1TSS200
cg17744997− 1.447.34 × 10−60.51
cg04158018− 1.008.31 × 10−60.51NFE2TSS1500
  1. CpG sites are ranked in descending order of statistical significance
  2. Probe ID identifier from the Illumina CG database, logFC log fold-change, Adj. p value p value after Benjamini-Hochberg correction for multiple testing, TSS transcription start site, UTR untranslated region