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Table 9 Experience of autism disclosure

From: A comparative study of autistic and non-autistic women’s experience of motherhood

DiagnosedNo diagnosisp value
How often do you disclose your autism spectrum condition to professionals when talking about your child?
 All the time43 (18%)8 (7%) 
 Often43 (18%)2 (2%) 
 Sometimes57 (25%)20 (17%) 
 Rarely58 (25%)27 (23%) 
 Never30 (13%)60 (51%) 
If I were to disclose my autism to a professional, I would worry about whether this person’s attitude towards me would change as a result of disclosure
 Agree204 (87%)95 (83%) 
 Disagree30 (13%)20 (17%) 
Do you ever encounter disbelief about your autism after disclosing this diagnosis to a professional?
 All the time45 (20%)14 (15%) 
 Often62 (27%)26 (27%) 
 Sometimes30 (13%)16 (17%) 
 Rarely24 (10%)20 (21%) 
 Never65 (29%)18 (19%)