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Table 1 Participant characteristics

From: Revised scored Sensory Perception Quotient reveals sensory hypersensitivity in women with autism

Female ASCBAP MothersControl Mothers
Number of participants15210374
Mean age in years (SD)40.7 (9.8)42.9 (6.8)42.8 (7.8)
Mean AQ (SD)39.7 (6.5)16.5 (8.3)14.9 (6.6)
Diagnosis of one or more non-ASC psychiatric disorders (%)73.731.736.5
Diagnosis of one or more affective disorders (%)65.128.828.4
SPQ-RS Hypersensitivity score (SD)35.1 (13.1)22.1 (11.9)25.0 (10.4)
SPQ-RS Hyposensitivity score (SD)10.5 (6.0)11.7 (4.7)9.9 (5.3)
  1. ASC: Autism Spectrum Condition; AQ: Autism-Spectrum Quotient; BAP: Broader Autism Phenotype; SD: Standard Deviation; SPQ-RS: Revised Scored Sensory Perception Quotient