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Fig. 2

From: The distribution of autistic traits across the autism spectrum: evidence for discontinuous dimensional subpopulations underlying the autism continuum

Fig. 2

Subgrouping using the method by Figueiredo and Jain of finite mixture models with a weighted sum of Gaussian distributions. Depending on initialization, the models produced 4, 5, and 6 classes (k = 4, k = 5, k = 6) (number of Gaussian distributions; see black lines in panels a-c), which is likely due to compensation for deviations in the distribution of the data from the standard Gaussian distribution assumed by the model. Note that the model progressively improves the fit, as indicated by the decreasing likelihood values, with increasing number of components. However, the minimum description length (MDL), utilized by the Figueiredo and Jain method, indicated that the 5-component model is the most optimal model for the data

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