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Table 1 Information about primary antibodies used in this study

From: Retinal alterations in a pre-clinical model of an autism spectrum disorder

Antibody Catalog #/company Species Dilution
Anti-beta-actin A5316 Mouse 1:50000 (WB)
Anti-synapsin-1 (SYN-1) AB1543/Millipore Rabbit 1:500 (IHC); 1:5000 (WB)
Anti-mGluR5 ab76316/Abcam Rabbit 1:200 (IHC); 1:1000 (WB)
Anti-FMRP ab17722/Abcam Rabbit 1:200 (IHC); 1:1000 (WB)
Anti-GABA A2052/Sigma Rabbit 1:1000 (IHC)
Anti-GAD AB1511/Millipore Rabbit 1:200 (IHC); 1:1000 (WB)
Anti-GAT-1 ab426/Abcam Rabbit 1:500 (IHC)
  1. IHC immunohistochemistry, WB Western blot