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Table 6 DTI tracts showing decreased FA in the auditory over-responsive cohort

From: Sensory over-responsivity: parent report, direct assessment measures, and neural architecture

Tracts AOR vs. NO-AOR FA comparisons
Uncorrected p value (FDR-corrected p value)
ICP .029 (.08)
CP .023 (.08)
ALIC .04 (.09)
PTR .01 (.06)
ATR .03 (.08)
PCR .004 (.03)
EC .03 (.08)
CGC .004 (.03)
SLF .003 (.03)
IFOF .05 (.10)
ILF .04 (.09)
  1. This table displays group effects on Fractional Anisotropy. ICP inferior cerebellar peduncle, CP cerebral peduncle, ALIC anterior limb of the internal capsule, PTR posterior thalamic radiation, ATR anterior thalamic radiation, PCR posterior corona radiata, EC external capsule, CGC cingulate gyrus-cingular portion, SLF superior longitudinal fasciculus, IFOF inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus, ILF inferior longitudinal fasciculus. Bolded p values indicate statistically significant effects after FDR correction