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Fig. 1

From: Autism-associated CHD8 deficiency impairs axon development and migration of cortical neurons

Fig. 1

Expression of CHD8 in human cerebral cortex. a Immunohistochemical staining revealed the expression pattern of CHD8 in human cerebral cortex from Brodmann 19 region. b Human CHD8 is expressed in neurons. The sections were immunostained with CHD8 antibody and counterstained with NeuroTrace 500/525 green fluorescent Nissl (Thermo Fisher Scientific). c CHD8 is expressed in GFAP+ astrocytes (open arrows: astrocytes). d CHD8 is expressed in MAP2-positive neurons (open arrows for MAP2 positive neurons). e CHD8 is expressed in pavalbumin (Pvalb)-positive interneurons (open arrows for Pvab-positive interneuron). f CHD8 is expressed in DCX-positive neurons (open arrows for DCX+ neuron) (scale bar, 20 μm)

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