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Fig. 3

From: Characterization and structure-activity relationships of indenoisoquinoline-derived topoisomerase I inhibitors in unsilencing the dormant Ube3a gene associated with Angelman syndrome

Fig. 3

Indenoisoquinoline derivatives unsilence paternal Ube3a in AS model mice (Ube3am−/p+). Immunoblot and quantification of UBE3A levels normalized to actin in cultured neurons from wildtype (WT) or Ube3am−p+ mice treated with DMSO (0.1% vehicle control), topotecan (0.3 μM), indotecan (0.3 μM), indimitecan (0.3 μM), DB-IV-58 (0.3 μM), or DB-V-37 (0.3 μM) (n = 3/group, *p < 0.05)

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