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Fig. 1

From: Analysis of neuroanatomical differences in mice with genetically modified serotonin transporters assessed by structural magnetic resonance imaging

Fig. 1

Bar graphs showing the absolute volume for the total brain and seven summary regions encapsulating the entire brain volume. The asterisk represents a significant difference between the single sex group versus its same background wild-type counterpart. The dagger symbol represents a significant difference between the full group (males and females) versus its same background wild-type. Slc6a4 KO (N = 39, 19 WT (9M, 10F), 20 KO (10M, 10F); Slc6a4 Ala56 KI (B6) (N = 40, 20 WT (10M, 10F), 20 KI (10 M, 10F); Slc6a4 Ala 56 KI (129) (N = 42, 21 WT (11M, 10F), 21 KI (11M, 10F)

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