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Table 3 Average scores for each group on each subscale of the PASSION questionnaire (with SD in brackets)

From: A few of my favorite things: circumscribed interests in autism are not accompanied by increased attentional salience on a personalized selective attention task

  Autism Neurotypical Significance (p)
Mean number of interests 1.5 (1.8) 1.6 (1.6) 0.94
Mean importance score 3.9 (.39) 4.2 (.85) 0.37
Mean interference score 2.2 (1.1) 2.7 (1.2) 0.35
Mean expertise score 4.2 (.65) 4.4 (.40) 0.5
  1. This is important, as it confirms that differences in the experimental task are not due to different levels of interest or expertise in the two groups