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Fig. 1

From: Ultrastructural analyses in the hippocampus CA1 field in Shank3-deficient mice

Fig. 1

The disector method. a Representative picture of a reference and lookup section in a set of serial images labeled A–E, with A as reference and B as lookup; note the inclusion (green) and exclusion (red) lines bordering the boundaries of images. Synapses that are present in both the reference and lookup sections are not counted towards synapse density (synapses 2 and 4; yellow) nor are synapses in which the pre- or postsynapse touch the exclusion lines (synapse 6; red). Each unique synapse in the lookup section (synapse 5; blue) is followed through the rest of the series to identify perforated synapses (red asterisk; b) and measure postsynaptic density length, indicated with pink lines (c), and spine head size, indicated by blue lines (d). Scale bar = 500 nm

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