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Table 2 Differentially expressed sncRNA between ASD and CTRL

From: Atypical miRNA expression in temporal cortex associated with dysregulation of immune, cell cycle, and other pathways in autism spectrum disorders

Class of sncRNA Superior temporal sulcus Primary auditory cortex
miRNA ↑ miR-4753-5p ↑ miR-664-3p, miR-4709-3p
↓ miR-1 ↓ miR-297, miR-4742-3p
snoRNA ↑ ACA39, SNORA11C, SNORA27 ↑ (none)
↓ U13 (Chr1) ↓ SNORA22, U13 (Chr2), U13 (Chr3), U13 (Chr11), SCARNA6
Stem-loop precursor miRNA ↑ mir-1204, mir-1913, mir-605, mir-3152, mir-4730 ↑ mir-3158-1, mir-3194, mir-4314, mir-4436a
↓ mir-1287, mir-19b-1, mir-4490 ↓ mir-138-2, mir-146b, mir-548 g
  1. Small non-coding RNA (sncRNA) that had significant changes in expression in the superior temporal sulcus (STS) and primary auditory cortex (PAC) of ASD brains compared to control brains (P < 0.005 and fold change > |1.2|)
  2. miRNA microRNA, sncRNA small non-coding RNA, snoRNA small nucleolar RNA