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Figure 2

From: Phenotypic and functional analysis of SHANK3 stop mutations identified in individuals with ASD and/or ID

Figure 2

Nuclear accumulation of truncated SHANK3 variants G1527A and 2497delG. (A-E) Subcellular distribution of empty vector-based GFP (Control) (A), full-length GFP-Myc-SHANK3 (SHANK3) (B), or the truncated GFP-Myc-SHANK3 variants G1527A (C), 2497delG (D), and A5008T (E), after transient overexpression (DIV11-14) in rat primary hippocampal neurons. All neurons shown were co-transfected with the DenMark construct [30] containing an mCherry sequence to demarcate dendrites and spines in red. They were further immunostained for VGLUT1 (not shown), and nuclei were visualized by DAPI. In each panel (A-E), one representative co-transfected neuron is depicted. The picture on the left is a merge of the GFP and DenMark signals, while the picture in the middle shows only the GFP signal. The upper insets on the right show a merge of GFP and DAPI signals or the DAPI signal alone, and the lower inset on the right shows a representative secondary dendrite as a merge of the GFP and DenMark signals. Note the strong overlap of both G1527A and 2497delG with the DAPI signal.

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