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Figure 7

From: The association of GPR85 with PSD-95-neuroligin complex and autism spectrum disorder: a molecular analysis

Figure 7

Morphologies of dendrites of neurons expressing wild-type and mutated GPR85. (a) Immunostaining of hippocampal neurons (DIV 9) expressing the wild-type and the mutated GPR85. Isolated hippocampal neurons from mice embryos (E18) were transfected with His-tagged wild-type and mutated GPR85 (M152T or V221L) at DIV 7 and cultured and immunostained with anti-His (red) and MAP2 (green) at DIV 9. Hoechst, blue. Scale bar, 50 μm. (b) Percentages of cells with long dendrites (1,000 μm). Error bars indicate standard error of the mean (**P < 0.01).

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