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Figure 3

From: Reduced isolation-induced pup ultrasonic communication in mouse pups lacking brain serotonin

Figure 3

Sequential analysis of the durations of subsequent isolation-induced ultrasonic vocalizations (USV) indicating a non-random call emission pattern in Tph2 -/- mouse pups at postnatal day (PND) 6. Correlations between the call durations of given isolation-induced USV and the call durations of the previous ones (N − 1), the call durations of the ones two before (N − 2), or the call durations of the ones three before (N − 3) for Tph2 wildtype (Tph2 +/+) control mice (black circles) and Tph2 null mutant (Tph2 -/-) mice (white circles). *P < .100 Tph2 +/+ vs. Tph2 -/-; **P < .005 Tph2 +/+ vs. Tph2 -/-.

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