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Figure 7

From: Autism-associated gene Dlgap2 mutant mice demonstrate exacerbated aggressive behaviors and orbitofrontal cortex deficits

Figure 7

Ultra-structural deficits in postsynaptic density (PSD) of OFC in Dlgap2−/−mice. (A) Representative electron micrographs showing the PSD (asterisks). (B) PSD length, showing its downregulation in Dlgap2−/−mice. (C) PSD thickness, showing a decrease for Dlgap2−/−mice. Data in (B) and (C) are presented as cumulative frequency curves and bar graphs. n = 92 to 93 PSDs from three Dlgap2+/+ (WT) and Dlgap2−/− (KO) mice. ***P < 0.001 from a two-tailed t-test. KO, knockout; PSD, postsynaptic density; WT, wild type.

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