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Table 3 The RAADS-14 Screen domains related to the Ritvo Autism and Asperger Diagnostic Scale-Revised (RAADS-R) domains and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , Fifth Edition (DSM-5) criteria for autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

From: RAADS-14 Screen: validity of a screening tool for autism spectrum disorder in an adult psychiatric population

RAADS-14 screen domain Items DSM-5 criteria Original RAADS-R domain
Mentalizing deficits 13. I take things too literally, so I often miss what people are trying to say A1 Language
1. It is difficult for me to understand how other people are feeling when we are talking A2 Social relatedness
9. When talking to someone, I have a hard time telling when it is my turn to talk or to listen A1 Social relatedness
4. It is difficult to figure out what other people expect of me A2 Social relatedness
11. It can be very hard to read someone’s face, hand, and body movements when we are talking A2 Social relatedness
12. I focus on details rather than the overall idea B3 Circumscribed interests
14. I get extremely upset when the way I like to do things is suddenly changed B2 Circumscribed interests
Social anxiety 3. It is very difficult for me to work and function in groups A1 (A3) Social relatedness
5. I often don’t know how to act in social situations A1 Social relatedness
6. aI can chat and make small talk with people A1 Language
8. How to make friends and socialize is a mystery to me A3 (A1) Social relatedness
Sensory reactivity 2. Some ordinary textures that do not bother others feel very offensive when they touch my skin B4 Sensory motor
7. When I feel overwhelmed by my senses, I have to isolate myself to shut them down B4 Sensory motor
  10. Sometimes I have to cover my ears to block out painful noises (like vacuum cleaners or people talking too much or too loudly) B4 Sensory motor
  1. aReversed statement.