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Figure 5

From: MeCP2 modulates gene expression pathways in astrocytes

Figure 5

Confirmation of MeCP2 ChIP-seq results at selected gene loci. (A) Anti-MeCP2 ChIP (red bar) upstream of the Aard TSS shows significant enrichment compared with a control antibody ChIP (blue bar). (B) Significant enrichment of MeCP2 binding (red bar) in the gene body of Slc38a1 compared to a control ChIP (blue bar). (C) ChIP analysis of Armc3 TES shows significant enrichment of MeCP2 binding (red vs. blue bar). Quantitation of MeCP2 ChIP was performed by real-time PCR using a standard curve where the Y axis represents pictograms of DNA isolated. P values are derived from a one-tailed Student’s t test. ChIP-seq, chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing; MeCP2, methyl-CpG-binding protein 2; TES, transcriptional end sites; TTS, transcriptional start sites.

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