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Table 1 Enrichment results for primary analyses

From: Loci nominally associated with autism from genome-wide analysis show enrichment of brain expression quantitative trait loci but not lymphoblastoid cell line expression quantitative trait loci

Diagnosis Ancestry Parietal enrichment Cerebellar enrichment Lymphoblastoid cell line enrichment
Spectrum All P = 0.004 P = 0.003 P = 0.502
N snps = 1262     
N subs = 1385     
Strict All P <0.001 P = 0.872 P = 0.110
N snps = 991     
N subs = 812     
Spectrum Western European P = 0.005 P = 0.012 P = 0.503
N snps = 1209     
N subs = 1230     
Strict Western European P <0.001 P = 0.451 P = 0.496
N snps = 998     
N subs = 720     
  1. Results for primary analyses are shown by diagnostic category and ancestry. The number of subjects (Nsubs) that went into the GWAS, and the subsequent number of SNPs (Nsnps) that were significant at a GWAS P <10-3 and went into the eQTL enrichment analysis is shown in each diagnostic and ancestry category. The empirically derived enrichment P-value for each diagnostic and ancestry category in each tissue tested is also provided. eQTL: expression quantitative trait loci; GWAS: genome-wide association study; SNP: single nucleotide polymorphism.