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Figure 2

From: Failure to deactivate the default mode network indicates a possible endophenotype of autism

Figure 2

Commonalities in task-related deactivation across the three groups. Activation map indicates results of conjunction analysis, signifying commonalities in significant neural response to CT versus EFT conditions across the three groups, corrected for multiple comparisons at whole brain P <0.05 FWE-corrected overlaid onto the canonical MNI152 template brain image (axial section, z-coordinate indicated in MNI space), with the colored bar indicating the T-value of the plotted activation differences. The graph indicates activation differences (means ± s.e.m.) between the fMRI response in the CT and EFT conditions. Note that the P values indicated on the graph additionally take into account age and sex as covariates, and hence do not directly correspond to the degree of apparent separation of error bars. CT, control task; EFT, Embedded Figures Task; fMRI, functional magnetic resonance imaging; FWE, family-wise error; MNI, Montreal Neurological Institute; s.e.m., standard error of the mean.

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