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Figure 1

From: Brain region-specific altered expression and association of mitochondria-related genes in autism

Figure 1

Reduced expression of MTX2 , NEFL and SLC25A27 in autism brain . Comparison of the expression of MTX2, NEFL and SLC25A27 in the various brain regions of autism patients and healthy controls. MTX2, NEFL and SLC25A27 showed significantly reduced expression in all the three brain regions of autism patients. The P values (t-test) are given at the top right corner of each graph. The y-axis of each graph represents the relative expression of the respective gene normalized to the reference genes. The gene expression is normalized against the average Ct of the chosen reference genes for each brain region. The following reference genes were selected for the various brain regions: a) anterior cingulate gyrus (ACG): RPL13A, GAPDH and ACTB b) motor cortex (MC): B2M, RPL13A, GAPDH and ACTB c) thalamus (THL): B2M, HPRT1 and GAPDH.

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