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Table 3 The MAGNET project neurocognitive phenotyping measures

From: The Monash Autism-ADHD genetics and neurodevelopment (MAGNET) project design and methodologies: a dimensional approach to understanding neurobiological and genetic aetiology

Neurocognitive tasks Attention Working memory Speech and language Social processes Cognitive control Reward Sensori-motor Perception
Go/No-Go X     X    
Stop signal task X     X   X  
Reflexive saccade task        X X
Anti-saccades X   X   X   X X
Sinusoidal pursuit X       X X
Step-ramp pursuit        X X
Spatial working memory X X       X
Probabilistic reversal learning X X    X X   
Cambridge gambling task X     X X   
Facial recognition task X X   X     X
Karolinska directed emotional faces    X X     X
Reading the mind in the eyes X   X X     X
Continuous false belief task    X X