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Table 4 Internal consistency for the CATI, AQ, and BAPQ, assessed using Cronbach alpha for the subscales (and CATI bifactors), and McDonald’s omega hierarchical and stratified Cronbach alpha for the total-scale scores

From: The Comprehensive Autistic Trait Inventory (CATI): development and validation of a new measure of autistic traits in the general population

Sub-scale   Cronbach Alpha
 Social interactions   .94
 Sensory sensitivity   .83
 Repetitive behaviours   .84
 Communication   .83
 Cognitive rigidity   .81
 Social camouflage   .84
 Social bifactor [social interactions, communication, social camouflage] .91
 Non-social bifactor [sensory sensitivity, repetitive behaviour, cognitive rigidity] .89
 Social skill   .85
 Attention switching   .74
 Attention to detail   .71
 Communication   .73
 Imagination   .69
 Aloof personality   .93
 Pragmatic language   .82
 Rigid personality   .88
Total-scale McDonald’s Omega hierarchicalb Stratified Cronbach alphaa
CATI .81 .95
AQ .71 .90
BAPQ .76 .94
  1. aCronbach alpha stratified across subscales [36]
  2. bMcDonald’s omega hierarchical estimated as outlined in Gignac [29]