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Table 2 Sleep search terms

From: Sleep disorders in rare genetic syndromes: a meta-analysis of prevalence and profile

Sleep "sleep*" OR "Non-24-hour sleep–wake disorder" OR "Non-24-hour sleep–wake syndrome" OR "Non-24-hour sleep–wake rhythm disorder" OR "Free running disorder" OR "Hypernychthemeral disorder" OR "N24HSWD" OR "Non-24-hour circadian rhythm disorder" OR "somniloquy" OR "sleep talking" OR "night talking" OR "Subwakefulness Syndrome" OR "sub wakefulness syndrome" OR "hypnagogic hallucination*" OR "Confusional arousal*" OR "sleep enuresis" OR "nocturnal enuresis" OR "night enuresis" OR "night* wet*" OR "nocturnal bed wet*" OR "rapid* eye movement behavi* disorder*" OR "REM behavi* disorder*" OR "Nightmare disorder*" OR "dream anxiety disorder*" OR "nightmare syndr*" OR "Non* Rapid Eye Movement Arousal" OR "NREM arousal" OR "Nocturnal eat*" OR "nocturnal drink*" OR "night eat*" OR "night drink*" OR "nocturnal Bruxism" OR "sleep bruxism" OR "nocturnal tooth*" OR "nocturnal teeth*" OR "night* walking" OR "sleep terror*" OR "night* terror*" OR "Parasomni*" OR "circadian rhythm disorder*" OR "circadian rhythm sleep*" OR "CRSD" OR "Central Alveolar Hypoventilation" OR "central alveolar hypovent*" OR "Central hypoventilat*" OR "Narcolepsy" OR "narcolep*" OR "hypersomnolen*" OR "hypersomni*" OR "isomni*"