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Table 2 Protocols for fast generation of specialized neurons from iPSC cells (selected studies)

From: Mind the translational gap: using iPS cell models to bridge from genetic discoveries to perturbed pathways and therapeutic targets

Terminal cell type Protocol method References
Glutamatergic excitatory neurons and neural progenitors NGN2 expression Zhang et al. [154]
NGN2 expression and WNT/dual-SMAD inhibition Nehme et al. [47]
GABAergic inhibitory neurons Transient expression of TFs (Ascl1 and Dlx2) Yang et al. [155]
Dopaminergic neurons Transient expression of TFs (rLmx1a, rNurr1 or rPitx3) Mahajani et al. [156]
Sensory peripheral neurons Small molecule-mediated direct differentiation, followed by human epidermal keratinocytes-conditioned medium Guimareãs et al. [157]
Interneurons Small molecule-mediated direct differentiation Maroof et al. [158]