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Table 1 Baseline characteristics

From: Maternal blood folate status during early pregnancy and occurrence of autism spectrum disorder in offspring: a study of 62 serum biomarkers

 Cases (n = 100)Controls (n = 100) 
nMedian (IQRa) or %nMedian (IQR) or %Pb
Mother’s age (years)10031 (28–34)10030 (26–33)0.02
Year of blood serum sampling1002003 (2001–2005)1002002 (1999–2005)0.07
Month of birth, child1007 (4–10)1008 (4–10)0.50
Child sex, boy7676%7878%0.87
ASD diagnosis     
Infantile autism (F84.0)7474%   
Asperger’s syndrome (F84.5)2626%   
  1. aInterquartile range (IQR), 25–75th percentile
  2. bTest for difference with Mann-Whitney U test (continuous variables) or Chi-square test (categorical variables)