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Table 4 Difference in MNS activation between ASD and TD during observation of stimuli with social-emotional components

From: Differential mirror neuron system (MNS) activation during action observation with and without social-emotional components in autism: a meta-analysis of neuroimaging studies

Brain regions with peak activation Cluster breakdown
Anatomical region L/R Total number of voxels MNI coordinates SDM-Z p (uncorrected) Anatomical regions (Broadmann area)
 Inferior frontal gyrus, orbital part R 1229 50, 28, − 4 3.276 ~0 Inferior frontal gyrus, orbital part (BA47)
Inferior frontal gyrus, triangular part (BA45)
 Cerebellum, hemispheric lobule VI R 15 20, − 70, − 22 − 1.567 < 0.005 Cerebellum, Hemispheric lobule VI (BA18)
Cerebellum, Hemispheric lobule VI (BA19)