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Table 6 Mean and standard deviation of volumes in each group in the Yale sample, and Cohen’s d for the difference between groups. Note that groups are not matched for age and IQ, and that Cohen’s d does not account for these factors

From: Evidence against the “normalization” prediction of the early brain overgrowth hypothesis of autism

Yale group means
 ASD mean (SD)TDC mean (SD)Cohen’s d
TBV1233.38 (110.9)1196.13 (108.09)0.34
GMV728.94 (71.39)692.51 (65.65)0.53
WMV504.96 (58.38)504.06 (55.87)0.02
Cortical GMV554.87 (60.33)521.45 (55.1)0.58
Cortical WMV476.16 (55.99)475.63 (53.6)0.01
Cerebellum141.32 (14.18)139.58 (13.73)0.12
Cerebellar GMV112.52 (11.76)111.15 (11.24)0.12
Cerebellar WMV28.79 (4.03)28.43 (3.53)0.1
Lateral ventricles15.99 (8.58)13.29 (6.65)0.36
Third ventricle0.94 (0.29)0.86 (0.23)0.32