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Table 5 MSEL DQ, NVDQ, and VDQ scores by for autistic participants by cluster

From: Defining clusters of young autistic and typically developing children based on loudness-dependent auditory electrophysiological responses

 Cluster means (Standard deviations)Kruskal-Wallis testCliff’s δ1
C1C2C3C4H(3)pC1, C2C1, C3C1, C4C2, C3C2, C4C3, C4
MSEL DQ71.89 (23.96)56.73 (14.31)60.88 (16.92)62.54 (17.50)−.11−.19−.05
MSEL NVDQ77.38 (21.21)64.83 (12.81)68.16 (17.16)68.19 (14.43)−.10−.11−.11
MSEL VDQ66.40 (29.09)48.63 (18.92)53.59 (22.05)56.87 (23.11)−.13−.19−.08
  1. 1Values of δ are indicated with * if corresponding the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney p value is < .05 after Bonferroni-Holm correction for six comparisons