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Table 1 Details of cell lines used in this study

From: Cortical neurons derived from human pluripotent stem cells lacking FMRP display altered spontaneous firing patterns

ID in manuscriptID at sourceAge (years)SexReprogrammed cell line nameRe-programming methodStarting cell typeG band karyotype
CON1SC17614MSC176Sendai virusFibroblastNormal
CON2ND3062576MCS25iCTR-18nxxEpisomal vectorsFibroblastNormal
FXS1SC12823MSC128Sendai virusFibroblastNormal
FXS2GM0707222MCS072iFXS-n4Episomal vectorsFibroblastNormal
FXS3GM058484MCS8488iFXS-n5Episomal vectorsFibroblastNormal
FMR1+/yShef 4ESCMNANA-Normal
FMR1−/yShef 4-FMR1 nullESCMESC- CRISPR Cas 9 editedNA-Normal