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Table 1 Clinical trials for ASD logged onto

From: Cell therapy approaches to autism: a review of clinical trial data

StatusStudy titleStudy identifierAutologous/allogeneicCell typeRoute of admin (where stated)Reference
WithdrawnStem cell therapy in autism spectrum disordersNCT01974973AutologousBone marrow  
CompletedSafety and efficacy of stem cell therapy in patients with autismNCT01343511AllogeneicCord bloodIntravenous and intrathecal2
CompletedAutologous bone marrow stem cell therapy for autismNCT02627131AutologousBone marrowIntrathecal4
UnknownA clinical trial to study the safety and efficacy of bone marrow-derived autologous cells for the treatment of autismNCT01836562AutologousBone marrowIntrathecal 
CompletedAutologous bone marrow stem cell therapy combined with psychological therapy and rehabilitation for autismNCT03225651AutologousBone marrowIntrathecal 
CompletedCord blood infusion for children with autism spectrum disorderNCT02847182BothCord bloodIntravenous 
CompletedAllogeneic umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell therapy for autismNCT02192749AllogeneicMSCs—umbilical cordIntravenous3
WithdrawnAdipose-derived stem cell therapy for autismNCT01502488AllogeneicMSCs—fat cellsIntravenous 
CompletedhCT-MSCs for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)NCT03099239  Intravenous5
RecruitingAlzheimer's autism and cognitive impairment stem cell treatment study (ACIST)NCT03724136AutologousBone marrow  
RecruitingSafety and efficacy of the transfusion of UCB in patients with an ASD depending on the degree of HLA compatibilityNCT03724136AllogeneicCord blood  
Enrolling by invitationAllogenic cord blood transfusion in patients with autismNCT03786744AllogeneicCord blood  
UnknownAutologous bone marrow stem cells for children with autism spectrum disorders (autism)NCT01740869AutologousBone marrowIntrathecal 
RecruitinghCT-MSC in children with autism spectrum disorder (IMPACT)NCT04089579AllogeneicMSCs—umbilical cordIntravenous 
CompletedAutologous cord blood stem cells for autismNCT01638819AutologousCord bloodIntravenous1