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Table 1 List of representative sociability-related CNVs with reported iPSCs-derived neural models

From: The sociability spectrum: evidence from reciprocal genetic copy number variations

Disease Locus Type of CNV Phenotype Refs
  16p11.2 Deletion/Duplication ASD [88,89,90]
  15q11.2 Deletion ASD [91,92,93]
Phelan-McDermid Syndrome 22q13.3 Deletion ASD [94,95,96,97]
  Xp22 Deletion ASD [98, 99]
  2p16.3 Deletion ASD [100]
  15q13.3 Deletion ASD [101]
Kleefstra syndrome 9q34.3 Deletion ASD [102,103,104]
Down Syndrome Chromosome 21 trisomy Duplication Hypersociability [105,106,107]