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Table 1 Enriched GO terms for the 80 ASD-genes expressed in amygdala

From: Identification of amygdala-expressed genes associated with autism spectrum disorder

GO-Term P value List of observed genes
Telencephalon development 2.33E−17 ARX, AVPR1A, CTNNB1, FOXP2, GRIN1, LAMB1, NF1, PAX6, PLXNA4, PTEN, RELN, SLC1A2, TBR1, TSC1
Pallium development 2.39E−14 ARX, CTNNB1, FOXP2, GRIN1, LAMB1, NF1, PAX6, PTEN, RELN, TBR1, TSC1
Forebrain neuron differentiation 1.06E−04 ARX, PAX6, TBR1
Neural crest differentiation 2.37E−07 CTNNB1, GFAP, HDAC4, SOX5, TCF4
Regulation of behavior 2.24E−11 AHI1, CNR1, CNTNAP4, HDAC4, MTOR, NRXN1, RELN
Synaptic transmission, GABAergic 1.17E−10 CNR1, CNTNAP4, GABRB2, NF1, PTEN, SLC6A1
Ionotropic glutamate receptor activity 3.10E−11 GRIA2, GRIK2, GRIK5, GRIN1, GRIN2B, NRXN1, RELN
Synaptic transmission, glutamatergic 3.89E−14 CNR1, GRIA2, GRIK2, GRIK5, GRIN1, NF1, NRXN1, PRKN, RELN
Regulation of postsynaptic membrane potential 1.77E−14 CHRNA7, GABRB2, GABRB3, GRIK2, GRIK5, GRIN1, GRIN2B, NRXN1, PTEN, RELN
Positive regulation of axonogenesis 3.45E−07 ADNP, DSCAM, PLXNA4, PLXNB1, SEMA5A
Regulation of dendritic spine development 8.78E−06 FMR1, MTOR, PTEN, RELN
Regulation of neurotransmitter uptake 4.09E−06 GFAP, PER2, PRKN
Androgen receptor signaling pathway 6.28E−06 CREBBP, CTNNB1, PTEN, UBE3A
Dopamine transport 8.90E−05 CNR1, PRKN, SLC6A3
Corticotropin-releasing hormone signaling pathway 6.85E−06 CACNA1H, CTNNB1, PRKCB, TCF4
Multicellular organismal response to stress 2.61E−07 DEAF1, GRIK2, GRIK5, PTEN, RELN
Regulation of transcription regulatory region DNA binding 2.20E−06 CTNNB1, NSD1, PAX6, PER2
Circadian entrainment 3.41E−09 CACNA1H, GRIA2, GRIN1, GRIN2B, PER2, PRKCB
Wnt signaling pathway 4.50E−15 CTNNB1, MTOR, PRKCB, TCF4, TCF7L2, TEK, TSC1, TSC2
Epithelial cell apoptotic process 3.52E−08 DNMT3A, MTOR, SEMA5A, TCF4, TCF7L2, TEK
Long-term synaptic potentiation 9.54E−09 CHRNA7, GFAP, GRIN2B, NF1, PTEN, RELN
  1. Selected terms and related metrics were reported using ClueGO. All terms had a P value < 0.10