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Table 6 ANOVA results from comparisons of BAP+ parents, BAP- parents, and healthy control participants on probabilistic reversal learning (PRL) and stop-signal task (SST)

From: Familiality of behavioral flexibility and response inhibition deficits in autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

  dfn, dfdFpη2pPost hocp
PRLAcquisition errors2, 1830.810.45.009 
Reversal errors2, 1835.08.01.007BAP+ parent vs control0.01
BAP− parent vs control0.18
BAP+ parent vs BAP− parent0.26
SSTSTOP trial errors2, 1885.11.010.05BAP+ parent vs control0.02
BAP− parent vs control0.02
BAP+ parent vs BAP− parent0.99
RT slowing2, 1881.620.200.02 
  1. dfn degrees of freedom numerator, dfd degrees of freedom denominator, η2p partial eta-squared