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Fig. 1

From: Delayed loss of UBE3A reduces the expression of Angelman syndrome-associated phenotypes

Fig. 1

Loss of UBE3A expression upon juvenile and adult Ube3a gene deletion. UBE3A Western blot analysis of wild-type mice and mice in which the Ube3a gene deletion is induced at 3 weeks (‘juvenile deletion’) or at 12 weeks ‘adult deletion’. Mice were sacrificed between 22 and 25 weeks of age. The analysis shows that loss of UBE3A expression in the cortex (a), hippocampus (b), cerebellum (c) and striatum (d) of these mice is comparable to mice in which the Ube3a gene is absent throughout development (‘embryonic deletion’) (N = 3 per genotype). Data shown are means with SEM (see methods and Additional file 1 for statistical tests)

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