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Fig. 2 | Molecular Autism

Fig. 2

From: Incomplete silencing of full mutation alleles in males with fragile X syndrome is associated with autistic features

Fig. 2

Autistic features and intellectual functioning in FM only males stratified based on presence or absence of FMR1 mRNA in blood. Intergroup comparisons of autistic features in FM only males < 13 years of age (a), < 19 years of age (b), < 37 years of age (c) and intellectual functioning in FM only males < 37 years of age (d), with broken lines representing CSS scores ≥ 4 (ASD cut-off previously reported for ADOS-2 [37]). p values for the intergroup comparisons were derived using the Wilcoxon rank-sum test. Black, dark and light grey dots represent the same participants between all four figures with FSIQ ≥ 70

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