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Fig. 8

From: Subcellular organization of UBE3A in human cerebral cortex

Fig. 8

Pre-embedding immunogold labeling for UBE3A in layer II/III lateral temporal cortex from human biopsy specimen. a, b UBE3A labeling in nucleus (colorized in blue); labeling is over euchromatin (Ec) domains, but is not associated with heterochromatin (Hc) or nucleoli (Nu). c UBE3A labeling associated with endomembranes of the Golgi apparatus. d UBE3A labeling in cytoplasm; arrows point to label associated with mitochondria. e, f UBE3A labeling in presynaptic terminals (colorized in green) and a dendritic spine (colorized in red). g A GABAegic terminal (colorized in yellow) labeled for UBE3A (pre-embedding, irregular 30–50 nm particles of silver-intensified immunogold, arrowheads) and GABA (post-embedding, 20 nm gold). Tissue from case no. Q1010 in a, c, d, e, and f and Q1019 in b and g. Scale bar = 1 μm in a and b, 250 nm in c and g, and 500 nm in df

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