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Fig. 6

From: Subcellular organization of UBE3A in human cerebral cortex

Fig. 6

High magnification immunofluorescence, showing UBE3A (green) in two pyramidal neurons in layer V in temporal cortex from human biopsy specimen (a). Sections were counterstained with DAPI (red) to visualize nuclei. UBE3A staining is organized into small puncta that concentrate in neuronal nuclei. Small UBE3A-positive puncta are visible in somata and proximal dendrites, and throughout the neuropil. Successive enlargements (b, c) show that UBE3A puncta are excluded from the nucleolus (Nu) and from DAPI “hotspots.” Scale bar = 10 μm in a, 5 μm in b, and 1 μm in c. Tissue from case no. Q1019

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