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Fig. 7

From: Resveratrol ameliorates prenatal progestin exposure-induced autism-like behavior through ERβ activation

Fig. 7

Prenatal resveratrol treatment prevents prenatal norethindrone exposure-induced autism-like behavior. Three-month old pregnant dams were exposed to NET (20 μg norethindrone) or VEH (vehicle only) by subcutaneous daily injection of 0.1 ml for 21 days until pup delivery. In addition, all the dams received either control (PreCTL) or resveratrol (PreRSV) treatment by oral administration at the same time. At 10 weeks of age, both male and female offspring were used for gene expression analysis and autism-like behavior testing. a The ERβ mRNA level, n = 4. b Buried marble tests, n = 9. c, d Interaction time for both male (c) and female (d) offspring, n = 9. *, P < 0.05, vs VEH/CTL group. Results are expressed as mean ± SEM

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