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Fig. 2

From: Resveratrol ameliorates prenatal progestin exposure-induced autism-like behavior through ERβ activation

Fig. 2

Postnatal resveratrol treatment reverses prenatal norethindrone exposure-induced suppression of ERβ and its target genes. Three-month-old pregnant dams were exposed to NET (20 μg norethindrone) or VEH (vehicle, 5% ethanol in organic sesame oil) by subcutaneous daily injection of 0.1 ml for 21 days until pup delivery. Both male and female offspring were then treated with either control (CTL) or resveratrol (RSV) for 4 weeks starting from 5 weeks old. The offspring were sacrificed at 10 weeks of age to isolate the amygdala for further analysis. a–c mRNA levels in the amygdala for genes of ERβ a, SOD2 b, and ERRα c, n = 5. d Representative pictures of protein levels in male offspring by western blotting. e Representative pictures of protein levels in female offspring by western blotting. f Protein expression quantitation for d, n = 5. g Protein expression quantitation for e, n = 5. *, P < 0.05, vs VEH/CTL group; ¶, P < 0.05, vs NET/CTL group. Results are expressed as mean ± SEM

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