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Fig. 2

From: Role of miR-146a in neural stem cell differentiation and neural lineage determination: relevance for neurodevelopmental disorders

Fig. 2

miR-146a controls responses of H9 hNSC to neurogenic cues. a Cell proliferation rates measured using the Incucyte machine over 48 h after induction of differentiation. Graph shows the average ratio (±S.D.) of proliferation slopes from 3 independent experiments. *P < 0.05 by Student’s 2-tail unpaired T test. b Apoptotic cell rates measured by the number of Annexin V labeled cells over the confluence percentage using the Incucyte machine. Graph shows average ratio (±S.D.) of four technical replicates and are representative of two independent repeats showing the same results. c Average number of neurite branching (±S.D.) and average neurite length d (±S.D.) in cells undergoing differentiation over 2 weeks. Analyses were performed using an analysis mask (see Additional file 2: Fig. S1a) on images taken at 25 different spots every 3 h over 15 days by the Incucyte machine. Results are representative of three independent repeats showing similar results. ***P < 0.001 by Student’s 2-tailed unpaired T test. e FACS analysis was performed on differentiated cells labeled by TUB-III or NESTIN antibodies (see Additional file 2: Figure S2 for details). Graph shows average ratio (±S.D.) of three independent repeats. *P < 0.05 by Student’s 2-tail unpaired T test

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