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Table 2 Total number of the Alu-inserted gene lists from TranspoGene database

From: Integrated genome-wide Alu methylation and transcriptome profiling analyses reveal novel epigenetic regulatory networks associated with autism spectrum disorder

Insertion type Alu-inserted genes (n)
All insertion types* 13,534
Exonized type 812
Exonic type 1593
Intronic type 13,245
Promoter type 557
  1. We obtained the lists of human genes with at least one Alu elements from the TranspoGene database. The lists can be categorized into five types of Alu insertions: exonized, exonic, intronic, promoter, and all insertion. Note that multiple Alu elements can be inserted within a single gene with different insertion types. Therefore, the total number of Alu-inserted genes is less than the sum of the exonic, exonized, intronic, and promoter types. These lists of Alu-inserted genes were used for subsequent overlap analyses with differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in ASD
  2. *List of genes with at least one instance of one of the four types of Alu insertions