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Table 1 Details of the gene expression profiles obtained from GEO DataSets

From: Integrated genome-wide Alu methylation and transcriptome profiling analyses reveal novel epigenetic regulatory networks associated with autism spectrum disorder

GSE DataSets Titles Sample type Sample information Number of transcripts References
Sample matching Sample size Total Cutoff filter at 70% Available transcripts with Alu insertion
GSE15402 Gene expression profiling differentiates autism case-controls and phenotypic variants of autism spectrum disorders Lymphoblastoid cell lines (LCLs) Sex (male) and age-matched 87 ASD and 29 controls 116 14,834 6118 Hu VW et al. [15]
GSE18123 Blood gene expression signatures distinguish autism spectrum disorders from controls Whole blood Sex (male) and age-matched 170 ASD and 115 controls 285 42,150 8575 Kong SW et al. [32]
GSE25507 Autism and increased paternal age-related changes in global levels of gene expression regulation Peripheral blood lymphocytes Sex (male) matched 82 ASD and 64 controls 146 43,735 9437 Alter MD et al. [30]
GSE42133 Disrupted functional networks in autism underlie early brain mal-development and provide accurate classification Whole blood Sex (male) matched 91 ASD and 56 controls 147 24,933 7873 Pramparo T et al. [33]
GSE6575 Gene expression in blood of children with autism spectrum disorder Whole blood Sex (male) and age-matched 35 ASD and 12 controls 47 43,745 9437 Gregg JP et al. [31]