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Fig. 2

From: Integrated genome-wide Alu methylation and transcriptome profiling analyses reveal novel epigenetic regulatory networks associated with autism spectrum disorder

Fig. 2

Alu element structure and illustration of COBRA for determining AluS methylation levels and patterns. a Alu elements are approximately 300 bp in length and have a dimeric structure that is separated by an A-rich region (A5TACA6) and ends with a poly-A tail. The left half of the Alu contains the A and B boxes, which are internal promoters for RNA polymerase III. b Illustration of the COBRA method designed to assess methylation of two CpGs at the internal promoter of AluS subfamilies. The four different methylation patterns of AluS were calculated from the percentages of differently digested products of 133, 75, 58, 43, and 32 bp. c Representative gel image from the COBRA for AluS subfamilies

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